unlike any other


my mother i mean.

imagine the mother hen, clucking, worrying about her brood, cooking meals, thinking about offspring 24/7…

we arent talking about my mother here…

when other moms were talking about vethilai pakku and kolu — she’ll be talking about the middle east peace process and binyamin netanyahu

when other moms were taking the flight and rushing to deliver their grandchildren in foreign countries — mine sat home and said my daughter’ll manage.

when other moms worried about exams and engineering college admissions– mine bought me more blytons, more twains and  more shaws and told me NEVER to become an engineer or a doctor.

other moms watched tv serials – mine could watch a painting for an hour (i kid you not!)

other moms read ananda vikatan — mine read julius ceaser and carl jung

others cossetted and mollycoddled — mine criticised and critiqued

i am a mom now, and i often wonder what makes her different…


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