serial killer


these tamil serials kill me, man. i cant stand the soppiness. the predictable dialogues are like nails on a blackboard. the actors could be cardboard from my son’s craft experiments 

and some serials are preachy even… ‘how a propah woman/wife should be’  yeah right.  day after day of Crappy crappy stuff.

no problem. i can switch it off cant i.

unfortunately, the in-laws are big fans… they watch every breath radhika takes, anooradha krishnamurthy’s jewellery and sarees are topics during tiffin time, you get the gist…

What irks me is that my first born, who didn’t realise there was  a TV set in the living room for months, now blithely sings every wretched signature tune…

from aththi pookal (when he gets back from school)  all the way down to arasi… and all the ones in between.

sweet is the revenge of the TV Gods;


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