bfeeding the second time round


while bfeeding my first-born, i was a stickler for ritual.

I would write down the time of the last feed; sit on the bed in the same position — with no backrest; drink two tumblers of water before a feed; drink one tumbler after (and urgently need a loo-break mid-feed). I didn’t go out anywhere for the first six months… i worried about a  dry-milk day — my fear was that bmilk would suddenly evaporate…

this time round, param isnt even three months and i’ve fed him

* at the changing room haniffa textiles *not recommended*
* at the posh malls here in KL *recommended strongly*
* in a hurry, when he’s not hungry; when i have to drop off the first-born at school *n.r*
* while lying down *this is a revelation… why didn’t i do this earlier?! so convenient for cat naps!*
* at the Klang Sundara Raja temple’s dining room *yep. it’s worth the hour’s drive; to get the blessings, get the prasadam; and get param to finish his business so that the drive home is peaceful*
* in the hospital bfeeding room *this is bliss; this hospital has a nice cool room with curtains for privacy; i sit amidst two new mums who are shivering in the cold, waiting for babykins to wake up having slept mid-way through a feed; so i felt superior entering and leaving in 10 minutes!*


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