mum will enjoy…


my mum will be here in less than a month.

wondering exactly what about malaysia she’ll like…

~ the rain: glorious afternoon rain, you can switch everything else and just watch … An even downpour for one hour — not in spurts and fits — like in chennai. the heavens open, and it’s the sight of a steady, heavy million droplets smashing themselves against the leaves, the trees and baby param’s clothes hanging on the sil, carelessly forgotten.

~ the pool: mum is a piscean — she lurrrrrrrrves water. So she’ll probably paddle in the paddling pool, wade in the wading pool or viceversa.
in chennai, i always thought swimming pools were only for the super rich (and) or the super slim. since i didn’t fit into either category,I didn’t bother much with pools.

~ Port Dickson’s Yachting Club’s vadais: She’s more the bajji kind, but these crunchy, ulluthamparuppu-filled discs fall under the must-have yagain and yagain category

~ firstborn’s many craft experiments: everyone of which he denies having done.
so far
his school has sent us a paper car (made of glued up semi-circles and circles and buttons)
a rangoli made of coloured rice
a colourful diwali lamp
a disposable cup turned into a yo-yo game
a heart-shaped dough, hand-painted dirty green and dirtier black

i’ve saved these “precious” items hoping it is all his handiwork… but he stoutly denies having had a hand in making any of the stuff. *sigh*

~ the bath tub: c’est bon pour l’equilibre: a french phrase that we’ve quoted to each other. Everytime we went on a holiday, my dad and i would have eaten breakfast, watched the news, changed, taken a walk and finished up coffee —  and mum would be still soaking in the bath tub.

Welcome to malaysia, mom. Can’t wait for you to see baby param.:)


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