some head scratching



got the first ever ever comment on this blog. so someone other than mum is reading (!) yahoooo or should i say wordpressssss!!

need to figure out how to reply to a comment…

 this could take me 24 hours to crack, hold on there asaaan i’m coming!


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  1. rofl.. funny.
    actually, if you want, you can click the edit sign on my comment, go in and write your comment under mine. Did that amke sense?

    As for comments, the more you read and comment on other blogs, then people will come to yours and do the same.

    We lived in Subang Jaya right after we got married and kid free. It was so much fun. Ohh I miss the typical Singaporean/Malaysian breakfast..sigh

  2. gotcha!
    left one comment on the earlier post
    i can’t rememmber kid-free — and i am only 2 kids old… how can you??

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