MIL- DIL talk


It was my mil’s dream to travel abroad, travel in a plane and see the glorious sights that ambujam mami (nanganallur koil fame) described  after going to “foreign”.

MIL loves it here in Malaysia — no power cuts, no water disruption and railway stations that look like “deva lokam” (the land of the devas).

She will leave in a couple of weeks, and she wants to be doubly sure that she has visited “foreign”

“Er. daughter-in-law”
Me: yes

MIL: Is Malaysia “foreign? ”
Me: er yes, amma.

MIL: But it’s only three hours away from India… how about Dubai then? Is that foreign?

Me: Er yes.
MIL: I thought only America was “foreign”, are you sure?

Me: Yes, amma.

She’s happy.

P.S. I don’t think I’ll tell her that India is a “foreign country” from a Malaysian perspective. Even if I do, she won’t believe me.


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  1. she is; come over and meet her! She’ll give you super Parameswaran filter kaapi and so much bajji and sojji that you can’t get up and leave!

  2. Very very funny! Now that my MIL is visting me, I can totally relate to it.

    P.S: I came here from MM’s blog. Your posts are hillarious.

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