youtube mamma


I dont encourage firstborn to watch TV. But youtube is different, I friend bhu, once told me that children can really pick up several languages from 0 to 6.

So I had my idea-of-the-month..

it’s playing nursery rhymes of every language on youtube … i am happy that my child will familiarise himself with several indian languages… telugu, tamil, kannada and hindi; and i think it’s enjoyable. The tunes and the music are very localised, they have a unique flavour.

now finally, the wheels on the bus tune in my head has been replaced with “chal chal gurrrrrrrrrram”…

here are the links to startyou off…

telugu rhyme

kannada rhyme

chinese rhyme

for hindi

i chose lakdi ki kathi and for carnatic music i’ve chosen bho shambo (by maharajapuram santhanam…)


it’s working. his malaysian classmate, also three years old, comes to our home demanding “bho jumbo”!


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  1. Oh Lakdi ki kathi, I sang that all the time when I was small at my Uncle’s place (mom’s brother) where the milkman came in a horse driven cart. And I now I sing that to my son too!

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