oru maidin diary kurripu


~ surprising fact #321 about malaysia..
single Indian women here wear a black bindi. After they are married they wear red ones. how subtle.


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    • this is a sociological phenomenon going unnoticed; must poke the socio-on-the-loose and tell her. and it’s very strange, India/south india doesn’t have any unwritten codes like these…

  1. I’ve heard people say black is bad and that after marriage, it brings something bad etc. I also changed from black to red after marriage! But by and large, it’s rare to get acceptance for black bindi officially (have u noticed that). I guess that’s the case with ‘Everything black’-including people. which is sad! I always feel like saying ‘Fair and Lovely’! ‘Dark and Deadly’!

  2. You have some fascination for numbers when it comes to blogs…OneDim to Twopointthree-SixpointSix…but motherinmalaysia would have been a more apt blog name -was wondering what the name meant. Understood (Tubelight!!) after reading this one only

  3. Soc on loose opinion –

    Bindis, chains, anklets, bangles, rings, earrrings, roserings (like the exact same paraphernelia on cows), visually remind us, in case any of us might forget, that women are property. Chained, packaged, and tagged, with “for sale” signs clearly distinguishable from “sold” signs.

    As far as “fair and lovely” goes – how can we let colonialism die? It is alive and well, and recreated with every matrimonial ad which asks for a “fair skinned girl”, and every hindi movie where the hero is being forced to marry the “motti kali-kalutti” girl.

    Ah! India!

    It’s like being in love with the psycho who keeps you gagged and bound in chains, and beats you every time he visits.

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