driving difference


how is driving in malaysia, different from driving in chennai and bangalore…?

the main difference is that in india

~  dad will lose it if you dent vehicle

in malaysia

~ husband will lose it if you dent vehicle…


this last week, i’ve been at the wheel here in malaysia.and i find i spend most of the time looking at the mirrors on either side. the rest of the time, i’m trying to suck in my tummy, because i think seatbelts make you look heavily pregnant.  but the rear-view mirrors are really riveting! a’m glued to it like it’s like my fav priya sister’s song.


baby param rolled over this morning. and i’m giving him only half a post. this is the plight of second kids:( — and only two lines at that.

i was thinking if had like three kids i wouldn’t even notice milestones.

if i had four — then i’d just add the last three to facebook and occasionally check their albums! how dya do it sraikh?!


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  1. Glad to know you r driving in Malaysia as well! So now you are an International driver! Congratulations! Keep it up! Real Empowerment!

  2. ROFL>>That last line made me laugh out loud.
    Someone I know just had her 3rd child, she has a 4 yr and 2 yr old and just had an infant and she was asking me tips on how I managed because I was in the exact position 2 years ago.
    And you know what, I dont remember anything. Its must have been so traumatic that I blocked out everything. I mean, I did the whole preschool drop with a nursing baby and a crazy 2 yr old. I asked my spouse whether he remembers anything and he claims he doesnt either. I think we both drank alot every weekend.

    PS:Milestones are overated anywhere, who cares when your child walked. I wanted my last child to not walk until he was 2. Guess what he took his first steps when he was 10 months old..Sigh

  3. “Imean, I did the whole preschool drop with a nursing baby and a crazy 2 yr old” sraikh this is grenade-level scary! — *shudders*

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