my kiddie story blog …


~ i see socio running up and wiping the screen of the laptop with the edge of her Tee…i know she can’t wait to read it
~ and bhu,i know you’ll take an auto all the way from Medavakkam to check your computer at Nungambakkam (about 40 kms away), if you had to; thank god you don’t.
~ OJ, the goddess of small blogs, need i say you’ll be here, wearing pings and a scrunchy that you managed to find in a hurry!
~ and don’t forget asaaan: we go back about 40 posts ago; when i fell off my chair to see her comment on my blog; i mean, those were the days when i thought people read blogs only under pressure * socio and bhu, heh heh, you guys know what i mean…*; but a random comment, from a virtual (oh i got a pun on the way too)stranger… *la , la tralala*

okie all this hoo ha ha for what?
am no shah rukh khan; so am canvassing for my own story blog, which by the way isn’t taking off…

just trash-canned the idea. sorry follks. what with a yahoo, gmail and a wordpress … my brain is well past its password-memorising GB.

My already feeble neurons just quivered *in fright* after they read the previous sentence.

MAID IN M: No more passwords for you.

so hold your collective breath, you four readers! my kiddie story will appear right here — watch this space.


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    • *throws a coupla roses, some glitter (and a scrunchy just in case, she needs it) at OJ from the adoring throng sidelines*

  1. My little one cried and grabbed my jacket and refused to let go today. His teacher had to pry him away, and I could hear his cries all the way to the car.

    Don’t know why the little one is unhappy at school? What’s changed since a month back when he threatened to run away to school and never come back to me if I didn’t give him another truffle right now? Maybe he’s being bullied? Yesterday he said “mummy, please don’t go to work today.”

    I could really use something funny and happy right about now. So yes. absolutely. Write away, o laugh-out-loud-funny friend.

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