whine of the week


ye multitudes (ok 3 erm 4 of u out there)

, guess which of the following is my least favourite moment of the week…

1. i found myself crying over spilt milk, this morning. I was holding the packet and one moment later one litre of the cow’s white stuff was splattered across the hall… *i hate to describe horror scenes, i’ll spare you the gory details of clean-up*

2. it’s almost noon. I could be the brand ambassador for body odour. i want to sink in the tub for at least one hour. i settle new-born into sleep; i give first-born some dots to join. i step into the bathroom and barely touch the soap.
on target, first-born begins his bang-on-the-door-come-out-and-draw-me-a-police-car-chant. Gah! I pop out in the next few minutes. i am still brand ambassador for b.o.

3. baby param has been coughing all through the week.
give him the probiotic that he promptly spits up; there’s more crying. change wet nappy; crying is now howling. change tee; howling and coughing…
baby param is exhausted and wants nothing but to shut his eyes. and what does older brother bring into the room — annoyingly grating squeaky toy!


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  1. ODB…as you say it

    Apply Vicks Vaporub on Param’s feet and then a socks before he goes to sleep. This really takes care of cold and cough

    Try liquid soap or shower cream or gel instead of soap. This saves time. If that also takes time, mix some liquid soap or even a few drops of lemon in the tub of water

    Frequent soap-free showers make you feel fresh instead a long luxury shower which is often a dream mothering 3 kids (ssn included -call him 7 times for W.E.- B.F)

    The less soap means more natural B O (Body oil)! Good for the skin

    Never trust milk! It knows if you are not around and would boil quicker to give you that XXXXL work. Stand in front of the milk and do deep breathing instead of trying to do anything else -don’t try meditation closing your eyes -again it would give you trouble

    Cleaning the milk is messy and stinky -there are also our lemon helps

    Milk-boiler is a good option if you don’t have anyone to stand near the vessel and whistle to alert you and if you don’t have any idea of getting into the GB of Records for maximum milk spills

    Take care:)

  2. I know it. This is a conspiracy to have me tie up my tubes. Every mommy in every country can’t possibly sink to SUCH depths of squalor and stench! Is there a secret birth control police they’re not telling us about?

  3. Bhu! thanks… actually baby param coughed himself into a bronchialwhatchamacallit… we were in the hospital for the last two days 😦

    you are an unusual breed oj .. few of my single/married friends would be interested in following mommy blogs — yep. they’d dip into it a coupla times but that’s about all…
    and socio wld agree that she’s been there done that on the b.o. front?

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