inner child vs biological child


today, the husband spent more time with his inner child than his biological child.

he sharpened colour pencils, copied out a picture of an airplane, flattened himself on the floor and did some — erm –colouring.

thus went half the morning
and thus went half the afternoon as well…

objective gripe: the airplane looked like a turtle with a headache

subjective gripe: biological child was asked to watch and not colour, and just ward off wise-cracking mums


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  1. hahaha:)
    Nino’s dad spent all evening yesterday making dumpsters out of Nino’s new lego blocks: with similar instructions for the kid – watch but don’t touch, if you have to touch, do it my way!
    More like the inner bully, imho 🙂

  2. Oh ! Hubby and my inner child did this and the bological spawn took our place cruising channels until he reached the millionth Mr Bean re-run. Peace reigned for those 2 hours !

  3. D:I think my inner child is looking for a missing sock that outer child needs for school pretty soon… so looks like i am the ‘kill it’ category, huh?
    Minka: har har har!

  4. 😦 I left a comment here yesterday, sniff. this wordpress thingie not like me at all, sniff.

    what I said was
    “Nino’s Dad spent all evening making dumpsters out of Nino’s new b’day-special blocks. And he too told the kid: watch, but don’t touch. More like inner bully, I tell you.”

    • egad! so sorry nino’s mum!! wordpress mistook you for spam…
      *i am writing a strongly-worded missiver to the powers-that-be about their serious lapse*

  5. here’s the copy of threatening missive:

    powers that be at wordpress,
    we are talking about nino’s mum wrongly identified as spam…

    madam yaaru theriyum illa ?*spoken like in rajinikanth style*
    *NINO’s MUM*,


  6. isn’t that exactly how its meant to be? I mean this is the way our household functions so I dont see what there is to gripe about ..

    geez..these maids in malaysia dont know a good thing when they see it. the way i see it, its more important to keep the husband’s inner child occupied and out of trouble…

  7. themadmomma: i wish the husband’s ‘inner child’ would kinda gimme a hand with vessel scrubbing?
    so we maids in malaysia can be manicured maids in malaysia

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