I resolve


my one resolution is divided into seven smaller resolutions. each of which promises to be a bittersweet battle with myself, with hundreds of temptations stocked around this flat; with memories of failed battles in the past…
A mouthful of sugar and i am supermum today.
so who does that make me tomorrow?

1. gulp. no more payasam — and that means no kheer, no samea, no kadalai maavu payasam — not an urnful and not a spoonful
2. no sugar in coffee– bleddy! this makes coffee taste foul. so make that resolution one point one A: NO coffee in 2009.
3. no chocolate chip cookies — actually i don’t even LIKE cc cookies, i just eat em out of habit
4. no vanilla ice-cream: pity, because the ice-cream here is rather creamy, melty, light…
5. no simply sugary moments: we buy more white sugar than rice every month. i rest my case
6. no carrot halwa: this is the recipe that has given me celebrity status …
7. *sob*…no condensed milk: cut to 18 years ago when i got a tongue gash and a cheek gash and still kept licking straight out of the tin..

yesh. stuck my neck out with this post. let me see if i can hit 365 days staying sugar-free.

*Happy New Year*


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  1. just the kind of resolution that we are meant to break. No carrot halwa? ennadi, that’s torture!
    Sending some saccharine sweet hugs your way. and did I tell you what my periamma always told me? Happiness settles on the hips.

  2. Unless we break resolutions how can we get a new supply for a new year. I really liked the happiness settling on the hips. This one also I like “Middle age is when your weight starts showing around the middle”. Resolve to enjoy whatever you enjoy and that’ll keep things in control. I’m sure 2009 would be the sweetest year for you. Instead of sugar free it would be free sugar. All the best in advance!

  3. egad!
    why do i detect a crystal of doubt in everyone’s response…??!!
    maidens and mamas,
    i am proud to announce a sugar-free New Year Morning and Afternoon till 2.38 p.m.
    — the only tough bit is how do i celebrate this news without making some erm payas (i am not even saying the word fully)
    only 364 and a half days to go…

  4. Its almost the end of the year.. did you make it? So happy to hear about your tongue gash.. I thought I was the only nut job who did it and was my secret. 🙂

    • you know i should make this post private. i have crossed all limits. i have gone too far, hurtled across the fence that said ” idiot! this is the point of no return and i mean you”

      … you know i should see a friday shrink, actually.

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