On performing bodily functions on schedule


“They may be challenged to sit for long periods of time; to sit in small confined places without a lot of wriggling; to be silent. They may be challenged to follow a school schedule that is not in harmony with their own organic growing needs; to obey and do as they are told; to eat food that they theu do not like; to perform bodily functions on schedule, rather than out of physical need….
They may be challenged to complete tasks that have little meaning for them; to say they enjoy activities that they in fact despise; to pretend to be interested in books that are substantially dull. We are training them to be obediently submissive, to do as they are told, to bow to our power over them.”*

Packed of a crying first-born into the school van. Came back upstairs to read this chapter. Found his school to be guilty on several counts. But then, so am I.

*Source: Serious Players in the Primary Classroom; Empowering Children Through Active Learning Experiences; Selma Wassermann


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  1. On most days and in most things, I am doing the bowing… so I figure a few hours of it at school helps to build character…. although by that standard, my character should be way over built by now. Grin.

  2. egad. what’s that strange arrow that says keep reading; i did not put it there…
    wordpress works in its strange ways

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