saw sangam


this is a movie chiefly about vaijayanthi mala bali dropping her pallu.
run to hero
drop pallu
run away from hero
drop pallu
pallu drop.
pallu drop.

it got terribly annoying. i switched the tv off, despite a smouldering rajendra kumar.


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  1. 🙂 it’s also the movie in which she fell in love with raj kapoor (off the sets), so maybe all that pallu dropping was intentional.
    and D is spot on with the conical breasts – and this was way before Madge made it cool!

  2. i think what made the 44 or more instances of pallu-dropping more annoying …

    … the white sarees were transparent in the first place!

  3. Smouldering Rajendra Kumar??? Please tell me you are joking 🙂

    Just last week my father was smarting – who gave him a Padma Shri! Poor man is getting taunted posthumously.

  4. girl: erm he was quite good in the movie, i thought… the camera could focus on his face for five minutes and he nicely conveyed how torn he felt.

    he was far, far better than vyjanthimala bali — at least he didn’t drop a pallu…

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