fast and slow


i met a mum in a hurry,
and her daughter’s only three.
violin classes and mind-gym,
bedtime stories from Kipling’s Kim,

I also met a mum who’s learned to wait,
I’ll wait, she said,
when he didn’t speak at three

I won’t rush him,
I’ll wait, she said,
when his first words were garbled.

Now, four, he can say,
Mummy, I hungry;
Mummy I’m off to school

His words are there,
But still not clear

I am in no rush
to take on the world
I’ll wait, she says.

2 responses »

  1. wow. A poem for keeps for all mothers.
    My neice suffers from a speech delay – and I cannot retierate enough how much this needs to be read – especially by teachers in public school.

  2. Wish more mothers have that faith.I met one two days ago, trying to keep her faith and tired of answering the same questions.

    They have decided to stay back in a country they do not like, just so that they have the courage and faith to let him grow up at his pace.

    And all i could do was hug her and be there when she needs me.

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