sugar free report card – i’d give myself a B-


asaaan asked me for a sugar update:
here it issugar-free


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  1. D: like my physics, chemistry and biology teachers all wrote in my report card: can do better.

    dipali: a tiny mountain

    Cynic: outsource diet and outsource exercise as well;-) that would be fun

    Nino’s Mum: y’know — i already overshooted the mark for sugar-necessary-for-a-lifetime’ back in 2005. 😦

  2. BTW, am being very good and keeping up my end of the deal. Except for this one glass of pepsi I couldn’t refuse. And this one scoop of icecream that cried out to me to save it from a cold plastic tub. And this..oh damn… :’

  3. WJ: that ice-cream cried out to me first; but since that muffin wore that quietly, sad, stand-alone kinda look i just HAD to put it out of its misery first;
    and when i came back and looked the ice-cream was already gone… so ’twas you??!

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