You know you are in India when (part two)


1. you have two kids who are jumpy and howling, and you still proceed towards the bathroom.
2. firstborn is sitting in on consultations (btw, my dad’s a physician); firstborn pokes the friendlier patients with a refil, (in-jeshun)
3. there’s news in the newspaper
4. firstborn gets ice cream on demand/ second helpings/ third helpings/ and chocolate ice cream mixed with rose syrup just the way he prefers…
5. there’s a Satyam Computers bus parked on the roadside and several people are pointing and staring at it, while driving past.


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  1. lol! and have you had twenty-minute showers yet? No keeping ear on door to hear kid break his toe/head/nose, no timed-in-seconds-dive in-and dive-out either.
    That’s the first luxury I dive into when visiting my mum.

  2. In love : Yus! Yenjaaying yaway!

    D: firstborn is having a blast> but my dad”s patients don”t look too thrilled

    Nino’s Mum: I washed my hair twice this week! Yes. I heard, I heard. your jaw dropped all the way down to Nino’s head. *btw, am taking your advice and payasaming my way through this vacation*

    OJ: And we thought we toned it down…

    Momstir: Hi nice name.
    *M-in-M continues the imaginary hula dance, reserved for vacations*

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