oh firstborn


he patted a baby buffalo and fed it a banana. he stayed up till 12 five times in a week. he drew a kolam. he travelled 300 kms without his mother or father — just grandpa; he hid the senior citizens’ walking sticks. he broke a torch. he spilt coffee and didn’t get told off.
he ate homemade icecream. he saw a plant “drinking water”. he wore veshtis to temples; he argued with his cousin. he found a favourite uncle. he sat on a bike, stood on a scooter and slept in a car. he saw his first cockarow (roach) ; he skipped naps.
he sat on a giant wheel and hated it; he took the Indian flag for a ride on his cycle; he slept on several strange beds; he pulled the rope tied to a temple chariot and thought it moved because he finished his breakfast that morning…

now how do i tell him he has to go back to malaysia and go back to school


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  1. Damn.
    How often I’ve wished for places/sounds/smells/people to be able to fit into a suitcase. You won’t have to tell him to make memories to last a lifetime, thought, looks like he’s got it right.

  2. wj: you are a chennai bird that has flown the nest, oic
    Nitya: Bigger sigh
    chox: that’s a thought
    In Love: we are nearly one foot into march… so, may is just a sneeze away
    D: Firstborn sold his soul to the uncle who bought enough cream biscuits and chocolates to feed a hungry preschool class. The bike rides were an added plus
    Nino’s Mum: and how could you miss colours…? šŸ™‚
    Chumi: i do like malaysia. but i miss home — am sure you know the feeling better than me?

  3. dipali: buckets and pails and tubfulls of tears:-(

    socio: so when u going to india?

    a cynic: yes, i could adopt you, but you have to fill up my questionnaire titled on flinging

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