Post number 100. Dedicated to Baby Param


You are the baby, I wanted to enjoy. The one that wasn’t my IIT entrance. I uber worried myself for your brother.
But for you, I exhaled. I let you cry. I used the mixie while you were sleeping. I let you chomp on a bright toy (that i hoped wasn’t made in China). I didn’t pick you up at the first wail or even on the second. I didn’t always examine the contents of your dirty nappy. I didn’t make payasam when you rolled over. I didn’t cry when I heard that you had to be admitted.I forgot a vaccination day.
i can’t believe i just pressure-cooked a carrot for you, baby param.
These last six months have just fled.


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  1. In love: chilled out for number two may be, still sweating it out for numer one.

    dipali: touche and thank you

    Nino’s Mum: clicked. thanks. and excusez moi i’m TRYING to forget about payasam! and you are NOT helping.

    Socio: so are you going to? are you going to?? are you going to???

    Sraikh: jet lag gone, unpack lag is on

    Wj and Nitya: merci beaucoup gentilles madames

  2. a friend told me this when i was expecting n4:
    when the first one even whimpered i dropped everything and ran.
    with the second, after ten howls i’d go and see if all’s okay. no blood – right, i’ll get back after finishing whatever i was doing.

    but hey do make some payasam and eat a bite for me.

  3. choxbox: i am still extra-cautious when it comes to firstborn: are you still?

    oh no! not another payasam promoter! i AM trying to quit

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