come home sometime


you know some people say “just drop in home sometime” and don’t mean it.

I am one such.

I have procreated a family of flingers. I fling. Firstborn flings all the way upto the fan (his footwear) and baby param only flings.

and one pickeverythingupper, husband, cant beat us, so he joined us.

I just met a neighbour who has a three-year-old. She said, “come home” and i spitefully dropped in without notice to see if she would stand with her hands flailed in order to hide the chaos.

But no. everything was in order. I didn’t find a soggy towel, a stray toy or bit of spilled bhujjia in the living room.

and her son was back from school even!

so, while she was chatting, i spilt a bit of my biscuit and upset my tea cup. and then I felt much better.

And then i told her “come home sometime.”


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  1. Oh I had neighbors like that. So I let the brat loose and there they were – traumatized for life! Of course I taught him everything he knows! Glad to know your children are making you proud too! 🙂

  2. hahha… if u were to ‘come home sometime’ when i am at home, u’d be surprised by the mess a quarter-of-century old can make! that might do u some good! LOL

  3. So i can drop over at your place and feel like home..

    There are places like your neigbours house, where i kinda dislike staying for longer…..they feel very unreal. I stick to tried and tested ‘feels like our house’ places…and find they are aplenty…

    ‘ come home sometime’’ll fit right in

  4. You would fit right in at my house.
    Once I visted one of my friends, (she was preggo with her first) and I had my boys with me. She had cushions on her sofa and each time the boys got up, she would rearrange the cushions back…Needless to say, I left after declining chai invitations.

  5. oh this reminds of one time when a school friend’s dad was passing thru the city i was doing my MBA in and so going to visit me in my hostel. i had all of ten minutes notice – no mobiles then and hostel lines were bad. frantically chucked everything into the cupboard and under the bed. he came and after a minute said ‘your room is amazingly clean bete’.
    thankfully he didnt notice my beetroot face.

  6. Dipali: must tell you how much my mum is on my case to stop flinging. i am such a chronic case that i am almost a disorder

    Nitya: do a post on that… will read won’t lurk 🙂

    Chumi: you, little chumi, are still a child. i’ve seen your pix.
    and you have all the right to be messy or rather creatively chaotic… if your mum protests tell her to speak to me.

    In love: yes, but what are your thoughts on strong-smelling hair-oil guests?

    Nino’s Mum: if we ARE in the majority, and howcome these cushion-rearrangers terrify us so much??

    D: forget no notice, i am not much better even on an hour’s notice or a week’s notice..*sigh*

    sraikh: cushion-rearrangers = THE scariest humans in the planet. are you in still therapy after that meeting or what??!!

    Choxbox: i have the sinking feeling you are kinda related to a cushion-rearranger; else how would you do all that in 10 minutes?

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