an ode to a neighbour’s vada


o fluffy disc,
o golden crisp
o light wisp,
you have made me today,
a raving gourmet


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  1. Hey hows the sugar thing going?
    What did you do in India?

    Love vaada. Now I have to ask you something, you know in Singapore/Malaysia, we call Thosai, Vadai..whereas I find now that Indians call it Dosa and and Vaada.. so which one is right?

  2. Nitya: but do they do light and fluffy? or gadaparai-weilding hard, like mine turn out?

    In love: we need to barter — panchamirtham in a horlicks bottle = dozen vadas prepared by my neighbour, fedexed.

    preeti: howcomethere’salways SOMEONE whobringsuppayasam *mutter, mutter, grumble, grumble*

    sraikh: not good, sraikh. nino’s mum told me to take a holiday from my sugar abstinence. i did then.
    poof. my mind is still in India … am eating every three minutes. but thanks for the reminder. am getting back soon.

    choxbox: i create bad vadas and badder odes.

  3. p.s.
    sraikh : my mum says ” Tamil doesn’t have a different sound for “T/D”.It depends on the context; down south people say “thosai”. And it is those who have emigrated to Ceylone and Malaya as they were then known. “

  4. A cynic: neighbours are my strong point. my karma must be already rubbing off on you… soon, child, soon.

    Nino’s Mum: you vote for, i vote against. and i know you’ll like to read my friend smal’s dad incomparable ode to idlis:
    and i quote:

    (sung to the tune of The Sound of Music’s Edelweiss)

    Idly-wise, Idly-wise,
    Every morning you greet me,
    Small and white, soft and light,
    I am happy to eat you.”

    PPS to sraikh: my uncle who often took the train from Chennai to Bhopa back in the 80s used to say the moment “dosai and vadai” become “dosa and vada” you know you are in the Hindi-speaking belt

  5. OMG!! My mouth is watering, and I’m having an existential crisis about all the life choices that have lead me to the point where this vada is completely out of my reach!!!!

    I need this vada. I’m going to kill for this vada!!

  6. chox and nino’s mum: neat poem, i agree

    socio: that’s ok, socio; stave it off temporarily by soaking grinding some u.dal in the mixie… you never know, yours might be the best of em all

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