quiz of the day


“a spicy potato patty encased in a gram-flour coating, then sandwiched in a buttered bun and bathed in tangy garlic chutney…”

what are we talking about ladies?

am currently in a deep fry-induced daze or do i mean haze, after i did a spot of food-tasting for a neighbour who’s been making…
1. saffron and badam milk with ice cream blended as a welcome drink
2. spagetti
3. spongy dokla
4. dal makhanni
5. baby potaotes deep fried and immersed in a cashew gravy/ chutney
6. kadai paneer
7. malai kofta
8. thayir vada
9. moong dal halwa
served with jeera rice and butter naan

coherency will return to this blog in 24 hours or later…


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  1. I just managed to evade the garlic chutney smothered patty, lovingly offered at my desk….They are still seducing me from the next cubicle…

    And oh, could you please have the neighbour fedexed? Thank you.

  2. Vada pav! slurp!
    No neighbour calls me for food testing, ever 😦
    Also reminds me of how I once told my dad I wanted to grow up to be a food photographer, for the most obvious reasons!

  3. Please tell me your secret. A yummylicious cooking mother-in-law, and now a neighbour too!!

    There has to be some law against inequitable distribution of scarce cook resources.

  4. In love: i know you like me for my neighbours and not for who i am 😦

    Nino’s Mum: yep. right on. that was the NYT description of the vada pav, btw…

    wj: i took you for a more idly-wise person?

    Nitya: the neighbour moved in after me… so nitya, what does that tell you about me??

    Chumi: yay! for you!!!

    dipali: i mean i had a hard time remembering all the names to put them down here– and she was cooking them!!

    socio: “inequitable distribution of scarce cook resources ” that was hard to chew on, socio?

    chox: then you are pretty good too…, you may almost qualify to be my neighbour, but what are you thoughts on rearranging cushions

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