firstborn’s friend didn’t come to school because of a “stomach egg”.

then he said the friend had too many germ-filled choc’s that contributed to the “stomach-egg”

i smiled, thinking that my head-egg felt much better


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  1. Hai MiM,

    Camere here from Nitya’s blog…
    it amazes me that you can evoke lots of laughter with few words !!
    great work..
    hope its ok for me to add you to my blogroll.

  2. Chumi: i am now having the grandmother of all head-eggs. firstborn is on vacation. need i say more?

    Nitya: better? where did i say that?? firstborn is off for a week!!

    Cynic: truer words were never said, you precient cynic, you.

    In love: Better to wait till she’s wife to share it…! firstborn is not winning any popularity contests with me.

    VJ: Hi! you are the one who’s having Nitya over, provided there’s no full-moons and stuff! blogroll away:-)

    Roop rai: brain fried, deep fried, turned black and stuck to the bottom of the pan

  3. Get better. Right now. All of you. Please????
    And VJ is talking of emigrating further away, very far away in fact.. do you have something to do with that? 🙂

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