Motherhood – served pressurecooked


the thing about motherhood is that it’s gloriously uniform. it has episodes, phases and milestones that are boringly universal.

take breastfeeding, and try to do that in your own ‘creative, imaginative, harvard scientist’ way?

how bout breastfeeding with your elbow/ankle or big toe. You’ll see that tried and tested and beaten paths are really what you must choose.

it chips away at your eccentricities; it doesn’t give you exclusivity – doesn’t allow you to practice your chosen metier with pre-motherhood mind, heart and soul anymore. Mind, taken. Heart, taken over and Soul, taken over completely.

It takes away your time. it tires you by not giving you three hours for a movie; two hours for a book or even one hour for a nap. it wears you out by the same ‘ol.

You are not completely grossed out discussing snot shapes (elephant or tiger). you cannot uni-task without trying to multi-task.

It’s as complicated as driving a car while sitting in the back-seat. You need to stretch yourself to the maximum. You can’t really get out of home without an accident. And surely, an extra pair of hands would help.

My crib/gripe/sore spot is that you can hardly concentrate on you, now.

But hey! it makes you a lot of blogging buddies! *big wave all*
and thanks nino’s mum for letting me pressure-cook.


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  1. The difference come after age 6.

    The first few ways everyone is in the same miserable state as you.

    PS: Did you change your blog feeds or something. Your new posts doesnt show up in google reader anymore.

  2. aha! that’s the first feeling I had when I got all soaked in the motherhood routine: heck, I was and am living every generalisation ever given!
    Howz that for someone who goes around believing they broke the mould?!
    and oh, MinM, sheepish wave right back. hugs.

  3. I hate it when wordpress gobbles up my comments – so trying again. Nice post, and so good to see your cheerful smile/wave. You are so right about that. Do come over – I reside at Hello, net baby!

  4. Nitya: Nice new pic of Arjun; but i liked the petunia one better

    Preeti: Yep. quite long wasn’t it — three whistles in the cooker? or four would you say?

    sraikh: thanks for the heads-up. six is the age to wait for or is it watch out for.
    and no i clue why this is not showing up on google reader…? you got me head-scratching all over again!

    In love: I dunno how you hit so close to the nail? What if i was an Engineering graduate in Electronics? Psychology twas, and are you derren brown??

  5. Nino’s Mum: Yep. Can’t make a comment around the house, without mum, mil, sil,grandma, saying hundreds of i-told-you-so’s. hmpf!!

    smal: No. that is not the idea at all

    Chox: must wait and watch then

    Swati: sorry about wordpress. will mail you.

  6. wordjunkie: six is the magic number, eh?
    and post coming up on that touchy issue.

    D: Definitely

    Dipali: or how could i write a mamma blog * insert evil momma laugh*

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