pregnancy tag


1. Were the pregnancies planned?
5th: No
2. Was I married at the time?
1st: Yes

3. Reactions?

1st: Happiness
2nd: Ditto
5th: omigosh

4. Abortion an option?
1st: No way in hell
5th: nope

5. My age then?1st: 20
2nd: 22
3rd: 24
4th: 27
5th: 30

6. How did I find out?1st:Missed a period
2nd: Missed a period for three months
3rd: Ho hum. missed a period
4th: Ditto.
5th: Ditto

7. Who did I tell first?1st: mother-in-law
2nd: mother-in-law
3rd: mother
4th: mother
5th: husband

8. Due dates?I know all tamil stars – avittam, sadayam, hastam, krittika, mrigasheersham, / don’t know their dates.

9. Morning sickness?
1st: It wasn’t allowed. I had to pull water from the well, cook on the fire, clean and do a hundred other chores.
2nd:Do all the above plus one child in tow.
3rd:Do all the above plus two kids in tow. Kid number two hadsmall pox, btw,
4th:Do all the above plus three kids in tow. Kids 2 and 3 had small pox.
5th:Do all the above. Have two permanent house guests as well.

11. What/who irritated me?When they grew older… I didn’t whack any one of them… everytime two kids came fighting, i whacked both.

12. And the children are..
the reason i live.

13. Did I wish they were boys?And they are. Number 3 is the girl.

14. How many pounds did I gain?Enough to lose it all soon enough.

15. Baby shower?

17. Complications?
1st:Travelling in the bullock cart back home while being heavily pregnant off to my village was tiring.
2nd:I had to make 24 bakshanams for Krishna Jayanthi. And I wanted to finish the 100 laddoo target up before i gave birth that night.
3rd:Didn’t feel a thing
4th:What pain?
5th: Baby’s here before I knew it.

18. Where did I give birth?1st: At mom’s home in a small village in Tamil Nadu
2nd: Ditto
3rd: Hospital
4th: Hospital
5th: Hospital

19. How many hours in labour?
1st: 20 something
2nd: long
3rd: fast
4th: faster
5th: fastest

21. Who watched me give birth?1st: the witch-doctor mid-wife lady.
2nd: the witch-doctor lady.
3rd: the hospital lady nurses
4th:the hospital lady nurses
5th : the hospital lady nurses

22. Natural or c-sec?
All Natural

23. Pain medication taken?Grit teeth and say Krishna rama Govinda

24. Weight of the babies?all chubby ones, waiting to be breastfed for upto three years.

26. What did we name them?we chose names from the god and goddesses in the Hindu elastic pantheon

27. How old are they?1st: Died five years ago before he turned 60. my greatest sorrow.

I have lost a son, a son-in-law and a daughter-in-law.

2nd 62
3. 60
4th 58
5th: 56

29. What was my reaction after seeing them first time?
1st : was the most handsome of my babies. I close my eyes and see his smile, feel his leadership and marvel his genius. The first graduate in our family. My engineer.

2nd: The quietest of the lot. The one who studied till 3 a.m. He’s the one with hidden charisma. The one that we never felt he had. The one who became a doctor.

3rd: The girl, who i thought would be peaceful, homebody and helpful. Turned out to be the one who rushed out to play even before we could open the door. The volatile one who loved her brothers so much that her heart would burst.

4th. The one who went on to shake hands with IBM’s Lou Gershner. The one who helped me grind my idli batter. The one who carried my veggie basket back home.
The one who bathed and changed me when I was paralysed for a while. The one who cuts my toe-nails whenever he’s in town. My scientist.

5th: My other engineer. The one who made Sardar jokes and ate 20 idlis in a sitting. The one who’s now even more religious than me. The one who lost his wife to cancer and is bravely bringing up two boys alone.

30. Did you cry?
1st Yes.
3rd: No
5th. No.

this is my grandma doing the tag.
inspired by asaaan to do the tag. and nitya how could i refuse you?


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  1. You are just too funny! I thought if I’d been reading this blog for so long and didn’t know you had 5 kids I must be dumb 😛 And then I realised, I am dumb – to be taken in by your grandmom doing this tag 🙂

  2. ROFL… actually I thought you did have 5 kids and that your name definitely did suit you. 5 kids? Then you surely must be a maid. Sorry 🙂

    That was a remarkable post. I love my granny, so whover loves theirs is a fav of mine.

  3. First time commenter here MIM, and this tag rocked! Its probably the best one I’ve read. Like OJ, gettin’ all gossebumpy thinking about the amazing women out there whose stories never surface!

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  6. Heyy..came here from BM’s blog..
    OMGOSH!!!! I was already interested in reading you after reading your response to 1st Question.
    In few minutes I started calculating your age using your answers for 5th & 27th Questions. Believe me I was so confused, without reading further I started looking when you started writing your blog & all that and then I reached comments & then read the last line of you post!!
    haaahh..what was I thinking MinM?? This blog, this post totally totally shook my brain on friday evening 🙂 🙂
    Good one dear.. following you now 🙂

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