i scored .5 on 3


Parenthood is like that – it hurtles past and suddenly they’re off, and you forgot to teach them how to deal with life: pay a bill, unblock a sink, fill in a tax return

…Valerie Grove in an article on being a reluctant granny

i can pay a bill (and forget to collect the change) and gingerly, very gingerly unblock a sink…

what’s your score?


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  1. All 3…done diligently.

    But………..how will i ever teach him to watch out for
    -cars that turn corners without honking
    -THAT special girl who may break his heart
    – life’s surprises?

    There is never a 100 % score is it?

  2. Decimals? Perfect scores? Why are there so many numbers on this blog? (not screaming since Baby Param may wake up)
    I outsource, outsource, outsource… there, now I don’t have to count!

  3. lol:) you write really well, been reading your blog:), very crisp and droll, all at the same time:)

    Well, 1 on 3, cant fill tax returns to save my life and am like you as far as bills go, forget to collect change:), but I guess I have an alternative career as a plumber for sure, am very good at unblocking sinks and this is my job on both sides of the family!

  4. Nitya: your comment needs to just land in the inbox, and baby param startles himself awake! grrrr.
    and since we are making ‘personal’ remarks, why do I have to do a word-verification whenever i’m on YOUR blog? huh?
    and how did you fare on ‘in love’s’ test?

    Nino’s Mum: I though ‘Inlove’s test’ was like at an IIT entrance for third graders, esp. qn. 2? how could she do this to us??

    Nivi: *tipping hat* sink unblocking is surely more mentally challenging than filing a return… (you have to mentally hold your nose and zone out the gunk — a hairy melange of stink, goo and blech — and do your plumber-act. )


    Chumi: dah-ling, you are still a baby. this test is not for you…

  5. iit test? you kidding right? there are no mock tests and coaching classes for the kind of test InLove has set 😦

    oh well, happy ugadi. did you eat beve-bella yet? thats a rather neat way of summing up life i think – some bitter, some sweet.

  6. chox: thanks! i didn’t know it was ugadi until you alerted me… egad!
    our new year is in April, though. Beve-bella, eh? must ask my neighbour to work on that dish.

    In love: I cant read your comment. It’s blocked by a horlicks bottle pop-up.

    Nino’s Mum: Thank you!

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