the siren and the pigeon


if i they weren’t already firstborn and baby param on this blog…
i should really call them siren and pigeon

Firstborn ALWAYS sounds like he is an : ‘ambulance in a hurry’/ ‘fire engine speeding to save cat’/ and a long line of police cars tearing down the street while holding up traffic for the VIP’
… sometimes all 3 together.

… also factor in Baby Param consistently contributing to the din. This Baby Param is so STUCK on me that we are like siamese twins. And he’s always making these pigeon-like noises, only more angry and impatient.

Remember our neighbour who gave me rhose spongy vadas?
If the kids get any louder…
I think she’s just going to deepfreeze those vadas, and aim everyone last of ’em at the back of my head.


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  1. Well, I supposed getting deep forzen vadas helps, because I guess not much can get done in this din, mebbe this is another way of “singing for your supper”? lol

  2. D: Worried about the neighbour only…
    *stops all talk, and aims frozen vadas to hit…*

    @Nitya (3 — one extra for waking baby param)
    @ wj (2)
    @ In love (2)
    and nivi (only 1 – coz, you are new to this blog, and as a sign of welcome)

  3. hehe! so baby param is in the pigeon phase?! remember some pigeons trying to nest in our house and we blamed it on then pigeon Cubby! :p

    he is fast reaching siren stage now! 😉

    this was a fun fun post! how have i been missing reading you?! 🙂


  4. Abha: lol! so pigeon looks like a universal phase, then.

    siren i figured must be! i know, how could you have missed me?!! i’ve lurked on your blog several times

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