three months later


wj asked me about how the sugar-free is going.
three whole months later

    key learnings

1. it worked for a month
2. the India trip sent me on a binge.
3. grandmas are not on your side.
4. ‘one tiny mysore pak won’t make a difference’ are the most deceptive words strung together in a sentence… because there is no such thing as eating only ONE mysore pak
5. beware of nino’s mum.
6. but… i have sort of touched a plateau ..sugar intake HAS reduced
7. am down to heaping up the raw sugar servings only twice a day
8. haven’t made payasam in a while
9. decided not to hype up such resolutions in the blog

oh er … might as well announce to you that am going to be a clean-aholic for the next trimester.


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  1. Hmm, so do you work on a yearly schedule? Or from trimester to trimester?
    Not that I really want to know… but I am just hoping baby param will wake up…. Did he then?
    And the vadas were delicious… *Grin*

  2. I would say being a clean-aholic is so much easier than being on a no-sugar diet. But with two kids in the house… 🙂 well, what can I say?

  3. that’s so not fair. See, you’ve done so well, inspite of the few times I mentioned yummy, creamy, soul-satisfying and SWEET payasam.
    Sigh. you know, I’m going to have to join you now.

  4. Nitya: trimester to trimester…
    and your SHOUTING seems to be wearing off! Baby Param is sleeping through today…

    In love: best person to hire would be firstborn aka siren as he is contributing to 73.4 per cent of the mess

    D: this is the first (and only) encouraging comment i have received on this blog. thank you, D.

    Wj: down the pastry with some payasam and tell me all about it…

    Nino’s Mum: *picks the vadas from the last post and aims at Nino’s Mum (2). And flings two more at Nitya, more out of habit, actually*

    Nino’s Mum: You are the only one on this blog, who noticed the header… the others just downed the vadas and kept on reading…
    actually it goes back to this post..

    (it’s fb’s foot that’s being trod on, extreme right, btw)

    chox: sorry we are all out of cleanaholicness today, we had very little to start with, in the first place

    preeti: yes, you merit a separate bullet point as well: 10. beware of preeti

  5. i noticed the new header too.. n i also noticed the naughty feet! 😉

    btw, i can ‘see’ a Mrs. Doubtfire act happening in here.. with all the frozen vadas flying around! LOL

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