even before i start…


blame1… being a cleanaholic, i’d like to er.. neatly (ouchie, am killing myself with my puns)

anyways, I’d like to apportion some blame wherever its due…

now if i could only sublimate this graph-making energy into lifting a surunai (tamil for dusting cloth)


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  1. see, if you hadn’t planned the firstborn so meticulously, all of his part would be orange, and then you could actually blame the ‘hand of god’.
    ps: I finally get your ‘handle’. 😛

  2. nice one MiM. now lets focus our energies on devising a ‘ctrl-alt-del’ mechanism for all stuff that doesnt walk itself to where it belongs.

  3. a cynic: rofl!

    wj: you know, my mum thinks i’m responsible for the red bit in the graph

    Nitya: *flings a vada at this doomsayer*

    In love: these working women types who have cracked the glass ceiling, SO pushy i tell you!

    Preeti: and then i’ll export myself to India…

    Nivi: no really this graph is a no-brainer, go to graphjam.com and see for yourself

    Nino’s Mum: lol!

    chox: tell me ONE thing that walks itself to where it belongs? howcome i dunno how to find these things whenever i go shoppin? *breaks down and cries*

    MGM: rofl @ laundry-bombed ! — is it copyrighted or something?you’ll now see it regularly in my blog

    dipali: *is wondering what’s the Emily Postiquette about throwing vadas at motherly, older women*

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