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Domestic Horrors in 80 clicks


At that cathartic website of MGMi vented out this…

my very own fridge horror story: we came back from a 10-day-vacation. we re-entered home ready to entertain sisters-in-law (of every shape and kind) nieces and nephews (very excitably jumping off the walls to be with us )

… and the fridge smelt of 10-day-old milk -(vomit+ dried vomit begins to

describe what i am saying).

the fav. sister-in-law did the cleaning up …
and they haven’t visited us since

So what’s your domestic horror story?

spill the beans — like MGM says let no harried mum walk alone.

I tag the original vada lover “Nitya

the occasional fridge cleaner and the imp’s sidekick wordjunkie
the mum who really has a LOT of time on her hands with V away: In love
the venerable choxuluboxuluammagaru (some UK-living stories pliss)

the even more venerable dipali
the mum on the move kbpm (who has two kitchens to clean? — chennai and

the mum who’s zzzzzzzzzzzing for way too long now — Nino’s Mum. *shakes her awake, and offers her a chikkoo milkshake*

the mum who has four reasons to do this tag: asaaan

the say it with pictures mum: abha

and the mum who probably doesnt have a story to report the mad momma *something about mildly cobwebby fans should do, then:-)), yes , yes, yes, i’m going over to vote*

a story in 55 words


You look like you walked out of Vogue. You shimmer into the swanky mall. You sniff disdainfully at Poison. No Envy either. May be just a dab of Diamonds and Sapphires. You inhale the Sunflower. Trance is O.K., really.

But when you finally ask for J’adore, shouldn’t you know how to pronounce it first.

payasam for dummies


for chumi, the youngest commenter on this blog — excludingnitya’s arjun, of course…

must have: rice cooker

ingredients: milk, sugar, two spoons of ghee, elaichi, cardamom, saffron, a few spoons of cooked rice

instructions: pour everything into the rice cooker and push the button to cooking mode; stir occasionally.

Your mouth-wateringlyslurpylicious payasam is ready to eat in half an hour…

(About the fish cutlet: we are veggies, so no clue 😦

And the athirasam: will check with MY elders and betters …)