cleanaholic excuse for the day + voting results


am wiped out

edited to add: POLLING RESULT: ~ that most of you think that this is a distraction technique *how could y’all?*
~ a significant number chose ‘bleddy naansense’,
~ vomit-flavoured was in a minority ..
THE GOOD NEWS: nobody clicked on “I’m never visiting this blog again…”
yay!!! in celebration, i wiped this computer with tears of joy that overflowed into my dupatta… would that be counted as a cleaning chore of the day?
Voting open…


8 responses »

  1. Nino’s Mum: lets hope laundry-bombs land on all the real cleanoholics, that’ll teach ’em. (MomGoneMad, pliss to note usage and correct if need be)

    god cyn, i was going to put down ‘mopping’ brow as part of the cleanoholic schedule for tomorrow.hmpf
    *are the people peering because of rising stench of vomit-flavoured pun? egad*

  2. In love: yep, that vomit must have dried up by now… floating away IS recommended

    OJ: ‘Other’ is also on…hmmm. lemme check with polldaddy

  3. chox: erm sorry, i think there’s some ballot looting happening even on this site… the “other” results didn’t show up at all.
    uploading that poll sort of quivered my left brain, the synapses haven’t had so much activity since class X.
    so no clue on how to total “other” votes… 😦 egad!

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