the indian-ness quotient


been talking to firstborn about patriotic songs (sare jahan se achcha, vande mataram), about recognising the tricolour and appreciating all things Indian…

soon, he said school taught him an Indian song.

and what was that?

“one li’l two li’l three li’l indians, four li’l five li’l six little indians, seven little eight little nine little indians..


my brain rushed in with all the following thoughts but i went with B

a) never mind
b) mommy is tired, very, very, very tired
c) long, complicated lecture on culture, geography and ethnic communities
d) sing along with firstborn


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  1. 2 years from now, u’ll be learning malay to help ur son with his school work… actually, u should have already started. n u might wanna teach him NegaraKu too… i think its easier to learn

    PS: my mum n uncle who moved here did that… so it’s very good advice! LOL

  2. chox: i am already falling off chairs though, chox — somehow i don’t seem to connect posterior with the chair. what with carrying baby param, his bib, his kanji, his wet nappy and dry nappy on different fingers, making sure that the germs don’t intersect — all the while trying to ignore a screechy firstborn… uh no this is turning into a phone call to my mother, instead of a reply to your comment. pliss to excuse

    chumi: the attack of the lah land people is ‘ready on us: fb is learning malay at school … we are hearing stuff about “selamat pagi etc etc”
    what is negaraku?

    Nivi: šŸ™‚

    kbpm: did you just say ‘nap’ — It is now officially my fav. three-letter-word. I should give you a spl prize for using it so positively.

    Cynic: Daddy will listen to anything … only if it comes in the form of a cricket match

    In love: so you’d have picked ‘d’?
    excuse me *hafta run down to the post-box to see if the half-eaten Horlicks bottle has arrived, yet?*

    MGM: And how do you give a sense of India to your boys? Do post.

    Chox: That’s firstborn’s toes being trampled on, extreme right. It’s a playground picture sent by the school.
    (In indignant grandpa mode, my dad had some rather rude words to describe the trampler.)

  3. LOL!!! Suffering from insomnia and decided to read some of your older posts…This is so funny. You and firstborn will look back on this someday and laugh so hard. Priceless.

    Firstborn will know everything in due time. Don’t sweat it!

  4. hey era: my mum just tells me that she loves reading your blog, and loves it that you quote from the bible.

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