mythological noon-naps


we are hoping firstborn will take the hint, if we weave tales thus…

1. what was hanuman doing when bhima came over to see him?

he was taking a power nap

2. Rama, Lakshmana, Bharatha and Shatrughna came back from school, (flung their laundry IN the laundry basket,happily finished their lunch, which they had begun eating on their own since age three…)

and rushed off to take their short naps

3. Why is Vishnu lying back on Adisesha?
So that he will feel like taking on the world after his short nap


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  1. On the other hand,
    Where was Yashoda when Krishna
    (a) unashamedly stole butter from the neighbours?
    (b) peered at naked bathing ladies?

    (She was caught napping).

  2. Dear FB, You will save the world and do your laundry, all without an afternoon nap. Don’t you listen to your amma.
    *rushes off to get a plate for the vadas*

  3. rofl… at all the women out to get you in the comments section!
    tch, tch, MinM, pat on your back. Moral of the story very important, and any way to sneak in a nap philosophy gets my thumbs up. Try Kumbhakarn, though?

  4. kbpm: dont say a word against yashoda’s naps. she needed every nanosecond of shut-eye. and methinks all this fuss about stolen butter/bathing beauties is unnecessary furore created by other nap-deprived gopikas …

    Nitya: don’t bother rushing to find plates; from now i’ll be flinging plates @ you, as well

    Dipali: take a leaf out of kenny’s life, dipali. She takes pre-lunch naps

    D: It does. Half the world’s domestic problems are because of nap-deprived mums keep having bad ideas in rapid succession

    Nino’s Mum: glad to get you back on my side; now i’ll try and forget that you crossed over during the sugar resolution time

  5. cynic: kumbakarna is the grown-up’s ideal: to believe that one can lose oneself completely in a nap — and not be woken up by sundry disturbances

  6. MM: i think the only person who refuses to get up after a nap…
    is an adult.

    *er koff,koff* am kinda bad at tags… but this one seems do-able

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