firstborn and me have officially changed the way we laugh.
we are now going … “aha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha…”

this was the song my mum loved as a girl; i loved it too, as a little girl watching it in a theatre, which was famous for having a higher rodent count than an audience count;

and firstborn is now being primed to watch and lurrve this song, so that we can tell the world he takes after our side of the family…

disclaimer: *it’s a tamil song, so hindi readers may not want to click and see what this aha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha is all about; but it had telugu and kannada versions as well.


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  1. Maya Bazaar!! ” kalyana samayal saadam” is just so catchy and cheerful.

    We used to sing it often…esp when we were 6 years old and entertaining family with a whole feast made out of mud, leaves and flowers:-)

  2. wj: okie so ur tamil then *straightening my sherlock hat*

    In love: so did this movie have a malayalam version as well? i loved the laddoo effect, esp. in such an old movie…
    *after watching this movie, my mum apparently
    thought stamping on the bridegroom’s foot was also an essential marriage ritual…*

    Nitya: i thought arjun would love it too. i think it helps with motivating kids to eat as fast as gatot-gajja…

  3. Hi,

    Have been reading your blog and i like the way you write.

    This song and the vcd are a huge hit with my 3 year old too and i too had probably watched it in a similar theater as a little girl.


  4. maya bazaar!

    same as kenny.

    bin catching up on your posts. they’re making me go aha-ha-ha-ha-ha, aha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

  5. Nope, there was no malayalam version…i am a keralite bordering on being tamil- literally. Or maybe a cross. There have been some dilusion generations before.
    The theatres in our village ran 5 tamil movies to 1 malayalam movie..and grandma watched wonly tamil. So there…

  6. viji: hi! yours are the kinda comments that send me over the moon *big wave to you from outer space*

    preeti: it’s a foodie, foodie song about Bhima’s son who single-handedly finished up
    1. hills of laddoos
    2. puliogare
    3. urns of sambar
    4. pooris and aloos
    5. kesari aka sojji
    6. puttu
    7 and much more at a veritable wedding feast

    all to the music of aha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

    *i think this one would have been a barjatya remake*

    kbpm: like they say in the song ‘ishtam polla vettu!

    chox: u r tamil? no. i thought gujju?

    In love: you don’t have to prove yourself at the altar. that single ‘wonly’ that you aptly added in the last sentence — THAT proved your mettle.

  7. i am born a gujju – as in mom and dad and others before all speak/spoke gujju as their main language.
    but, grew up in hyd – so read/write/speak telugu.
    kannada = 90% teleugu so can read and write it, can also understand it and just manage the spoken part.
    tamil – lived in madras for 4 yrs, was surrpunded by native friends so sort of understand it. can speak sentences like these – pasikarada, tookam varada, kadla maav venum, tanni venum/vendaa, nanna irka, romba veyyil irka, hope irkaa? and the like.

  8. And oops, it disappeared!
    I love this song, had seen it earlier on Neha’s blog.
    The names of the food items are now fairly comprehensible to anyone who has lived in the South even for a short while!
    I can picture you and your first born aha-haing away, much to Baby Param’s amusement.

  9. chox: so u saw the song in telugu first i presume… isn’t Ranga Rao a telugu bloke?
    i notice that you’ve put pasikarada first among the list of words 🙂

    dipali: you have the link on her blog? maybe she’s found a better video than i have… i’ll go check

  10. Hey chox, same question as kbpm.
    Also intrigued by possible context of ‘hope irruka ‘.

    And Sherlock, you did not notice I was Tamil all these days… . sue that hat maker, I say!

  11. Don’t tell me. It is hot favorite here too and the brat just goes absolutely nuts seeing at the song and ROFLing. Now he likes the movie too 🙂

  12. kbpm: she was thinking of making soodana bajjis… just like in the song.

    wj: hope = uppu, methinks. she’s a gujju gal forgive and move on.
    and wj, once i saw your artwork, chez Nitya, that’s when i convinced myself you couldn’t be Tamil.

    dipali: you ARE a sweetie! thanks for the link!!!

    guruprasad: this is the FIRST ever male visitor/commenter on this blog. hello and welcome!

  13. First comment I think 🙂 My husband introduced the song to the kids and they adore it as well…my FIL spent some years in AP heartland, and speaks fluent Telugu, so he taught the kids the Telugu version, now they know both and interleave verses as they please – great song for late night singing sessions, though it has brought on severe hunger here!


  14. kenny: you got it!

    wj, MiM: hope irkaa? = no chance! = nice try! = take a hike! = buzz off!
    you say ‘hope irkaa? when someone asks for something totally crazy. like if my kid asks for an ice-cream when she is in the middle of massive cold. you wont believe it – if i say ‘hope irkaa’ they dont even argue back! thats the power of the phrase!
    where did uppu come from btw?!

  15. MGM: hum this song often enough, and it’ll be your life-saver when you want order food from a restaurant in gummidipoondi

    M: Hi! everybody is going ON about the telugu version… ; i will go and listen to that out of academic interest. I wonder if the food sounds as good, even there?

    choxu: i had to add that “u” owing to your telugu allegiance;

    i thought you meant uppu (salt) and keyed it in a stylised gujju gal speaking tamil as hope

    am deeply saddened to inform you that “hope irkaa” is absolutely not tamil/not on/ not happening/illai illai illai
    … poor n3 and n4, i must find a way to tell them that their mother has truly mauled the language

  16. the true gult version would be ‘choxulu’ methinks.

    and whaddayamean? ‘hope irkaa?’ is not tamizh? that is all my tamil friends said all the time so go tell them, kenny included.
    yeah go see the gult song – ‘vivaaha bhojanambu ha ha haha ha haha’ it goes.

    p.s.; before you ask, gult is the slang for telugu. another thing i learnt on campus.

  17. Aiyyayo, are you saying Tams can’t draw!!
    Or that Tams only draw kollams and Rani Mutthu calendar type drawings?

    ‘Hope Irruka’.. clearly campus lingo then, coz I haven’t heard it either.

  18. choxulu it is: i stand corrected.

    wj: tams cant draw. period. you must be a gujju in tam clothing.
    choxulu are you listening, no hope for you.

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