dal for dummies and more


Mad Momma tagged me…
to put down my top five reasons for lurrrvin’ this day job …

dal for dummies: I once got lost in my parents’ home when I was independently trying to locate the kitchen. (i was REALLY that spoilt)
However, when firstborn came along, i wrote my very own self-help book titled “dal for dummies”

— and now i can even make a flow chart

toor dal –> rasam
channa dal –> seasoning/chutney
moong dal –> kichdi/ sick diet
urad dal –> vadas

*was that applause?*

Yes. I can cook. am lovin’ it.

ms. quick fix

i love the fact that i take my time more seriously. I am bloody everywhere
in the five minutes before baby param wakes up = laundry in the washing
machine, dal on high in the cooker, firstborn bathed and uniformed, front
door unlocked..

if i am five minutes late, then i know i’ll be doing all these chores with only one spare hand and one hip

smiles a mile

i love their smiles – now shy, now squealy happy, now a glimmer, now a
peekaboo chortle, now a little fake (who’s this random auntie in the living
room?), now excited ( dad’s back at 6 p.m.? yes! yes!!), now sadistic even
(firstborn riding maharaja shytle on a completely squashed baby param)

sibling revelry:
when firstborn was born I was his television/enid blyton/youtube/stuffed toy all rolled in one.
For entertainment, he had me.
Now, at least for seven minutes and 30 seconds (on a good day), they have each other… for hide and seek, to play screechy games, or just out bawl the other.

combined naps. Two kids whose nap times intersect so that you can key this tag in.

An earlier pressure-cooked rant is here


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  1. LOL on ” dal for dummies”.Well written, as always.

    ” taking time seriously”-personally, i’d rate that one highest!

    V is not at home, and i see myself falling back into the old trap. I now have two full hours before office and still can’t finish up. Maybe its just depression.

  2. can u pls write a post about fish cutlet or athirasam or paayasam for dummies when its time for the next combined nap?

    or better still… can u pls just do it n throw it at me from ur side of the comp so that i can receive it from my side of the comp??

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