Domestic Horrors in 80 clicks


At that cathartic website of MGMi vented out this…

my very own fridge horror story: we came back from a 10-day-vacation. we re-entered home ready to entertain sisters-in-law (of every shape and kind) nieces and nephews (very excitably jumping off the walls to be with us )

… and the fridge smelt of 10-day-old milk -(vomit+ dried vomit begins to

describe what i am saying).

the fav. sister-in-law did the cleaning up …
and they haven’t visited us since

So what’s your domestic horror story?

spill the beans — like MGM says let no harried mum walk alone.

I tag the original vada lover “Nitya

the occasional fridge cleaner and the imp’s sidekick wordjunkie
the mum who really has a LOT of time on her hands with V away: In love
the venerable choxuluboxuluammagaru (some UK-living stories pliss)

the even more venerable dipali
the mum on the move kbpm (who has two kitchens to clean? — chennai and

the mum who’s zzzzzzzzzzzing for way too long now — Nino’s Mum. *shakes her awake, and offers her a chikkoo milkshake*

the mum who has four reasons to do this tag: asaaan

the say it with pictures mum: abha

and the mum who probably doesnt have a story to report the mad momma *something about mildly cobwebby fans should do, then:-)), yes , yes, yes, i’m going over to vote*


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  1. I’m torn between feeling thrilled and hurt. Thrilled at my reputation – hurt that you’d imagine I’d have nothing to contribute 😉
    hell – i’d make up a story to be part of this if I had to!

  2. @ wj: no-no-no. that sounds abrupt, not venerable enough. we stick with my version: and can go with choxulubox for abbreviated purposes
    yay! the imp’s partying chez gramma!

  3. and all you others hurry up and do the tag — i have postponed cleaning my house to … erm allot time to reading your posts and widening my eyes in horror and distaste

  4. gals! i louwe this domestic horror tag-ging…so many mums, and so much dirt beneath the carpet… who’d have thought?

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