a story in 55 words


I married you for better or for worse.
I married you for those long drives, while you held the barf-bag and I ejected my breakfast.
I married you to endure cricket matches and be cursed for switching on the mixie (which is why Tendulkar got out)

But share grandma’s mango pickle? Don’t. Even.Think. About. It.


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  1. hehehe. lovely. absolutely right priorities i say.

    Also, I need to make my ma read your blog. every time I do stuff like this viz. a) not sharing mango pickle or b) fighting over first rights of everything and ending up beating each other up she looks at me with a very sadly.

  2. Dipali: what you SHARE pickle?

    MGM: hot and sour-enough to make one eye close. bring on the fire-brigade.

    Era: hi! i’ve enjoyed your date night posts..esp. like the way you put the atom bomb pic!!

    cynic: ma’s dont understand. they’ll say i’ll get two jars of pickle.
    but me, i’ll want both jars then

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