me: if you don’t behave better i am going to complain to your teacher.
firstborn: and if you keep saying that i am going to tell your mother.

(no prizes for guessing which threat is bigger, scarier and more do-able.
am currently typing this from under the dining table.)


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  1. my mom informs that she is giving ‘constructive feedback on parenting’ and not really scolding me.
    (i got my revenge by leaving the monster with her for extended periods of time. Ha!)

  2. dipali: hell has no fury like a grandmum who thinks her grandson was wronged.

    chox: you and your naani VERSUS n3 and n4 and their naani. that shld be the equation.

    kbpm: i dunno all the ‘constructive feed back’ i’m getting might see me retire sooner-than-expected to the Himalayas.


  3. Just went through that (both my kids running over to my mom, “mere paas mamamaa hai!”). I went for a movie:)

    Am getting my revenge now that we are back in MY home…EVIL mom rules the roost here.

  4. MGM: Even baby param who cant speak yet, seems to have established links with grandma away in India…

    Starry: Hey, who’s taking away MY title?I’m Evil Mum. Grrrrrrrrr.

    In love: And how many more days until his bum gets whacked?

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