maidinmalaysia and the houseguests


only arthritic grandpa stayed at home.

the family and houseguests checked out the sights of KL.
their respective jaws dropped for the following reasons…

grandma: KL by night.

husband: some random sport in some random mall’s random flat screen

maidinmalaysia: that the person who used the rest room the maximum number of times wasn’t firstborn

firstborn: that mum allowed him two rides on two toy cars in one mall visit

brother-in-law: a train ride that was as smooth as a swish

sis-in-law: the ‘holding hands’ culture… (indignant thought bubble forming: excuse me we are Indians!)

niece 1:ice-creams served in tubs.

niece 2: 41 floors up the petronas in 41 seconds

and finally, when we turned in home late: whose story was grandpa bursting to hear?

“Baby Param? What did you do today”


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  1. Now, there’s a darling grandpa! No reason to discount the least verbal person now, is there?

    BTW, what be the deal with sis-in-law and hand holding? That husband tried to hold hand/that these loose Malay types:-) held hands on the street??

  2. nino’s mum: i think you have great memories of him, that go back to the time when he mistook the bathroom to be the pooja place…

    wj: baby param is the tweets-only kind.

    dipali: he’s really the lord emsworth of the family, as well

  3. MGM: you’ve been away too long, ma.
    Can’t you remember the rules regarding PDA (public display of affection) … in the southern states?
    *audible gasp*

  4. aaww.. grandpa’s little boy is he..? my grandfather does that with my little cousin n it irritates d hell out of me.. i’m d darling granddaughter of d family, not d 8 month old!!

  5. chumi: i don’t know about your family. but you are the darling baby commenter on this blog:-)

    VJ: πŸ™‚

  6. Cyn: here’s: baby param on twitter

    ~ i wonder what’s for breakfast
    ~ i peed
    ~ what’s for lunch?
    ~ i pooped
    ~ what’s for dinner?
    ~ i’m sleepy
    ~ isn’t mum ever going to finish her blogging

    Chumi: *jumps up and down along with chumi*

    Asaaan: lurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrve it lots!

  7. I came from the madmomma’s…

    Your comment was touching in a sort of a way that makes me misty eyed…A 15 year old selling off her childhood to bring up someone else’s kids is sad.

    maidinmalaysia is tongue in cheek right ? LOL

  8. Inexplicably : Hi! thanks for popping by. I just hated my days in mumbai.., and the mad momma’s post brought back memories.

    actually maidinmalaysia was supposed to be madeinmalaysia, but i didn’t get the url. πŸ™‚

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