What do big sisters do?


always been mildly curious about siblings.
with my nieces visiting as houseguests, am getting a vague-ish picture:

A big sister does the following things:

~ passes me a towel when i am in the shower

~ checks my engineering rank on the internet

~ saves my back from mum

~ is slimmer than I am and makes me look fat


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  1. i am a first comer to ur blog..( dropped in here thru asaaan’s)

    read up all the posts from nov 08 – may 09

    superb !

    out of curiosity : were u working or dumtin earlier? or u wanna work once ur baby param turns 2 ..

  2. -Take little sister to one’s class during lunch break, and collectively feed her with friends.
    – Use her as guniea pig for all skills acquired- including riding skills with her as pillion.
    -Take little sister into confidence and make her party to all parental prohibited indulgences.
    – Initiate her into the bliss of pedicures.
    – Broker her cause to move out of the house and study elsewhere.
    – Confess one’s lovelife to garner support before broaching subject to parents.
    – terrorize her to knead atta when she comes visiting.

    And million such.

    I am curious about what elder brothers do. Always wanted one:-(

  3. – gifts me the horrendous pair of clothes mum insisted on buying you last month

    – offloads half her share of chores with the same logic that runs Ekta Kapoor’s brains: kyunki badi bhi kabhi choti thi

    – saves my back from mum and dad

    – makes the best bhindi in the world.

    Needless to say, I’ve hated and loved being a younger sibling to my sis.

  4. – makes you change your name to “Nancy’s little sister,” as in the teacher saying, “Oh, you’re Nancy’s little sister!”

    – has a shoulder when I need a place to cry

    – is fitter than I am, even though she’s five years older, and makes me look lumpy

    – is the first to go through parenting stages or menopause, so gives me a vicarious trial run

    – offers a glimpse into life-without-kids, so I can fantasize about going to see a movie before it’s out on video, sleeping in on the weekend, and eating in restaurants without balloons

    – teams up with other big sis to give me really cool birthday presents that are actually things or experiences I value

    – shares the burden of caring for aging parents

    – is a brilliant artist or musician (depending on the sister), relieving me of the burden to carry on the family creativity

    – is a lifeline in a sea of chaos, and sometimes catches my lifeline when she’s floundering

  5. Based on the first points – I missed out
    Based on the last point – good I don’t have a sister :). I feel fat enough already.

    I do have three big brothers though. Much older, so we didn’t grow up together, but they would take me places and buy me stuff. Not bad eh?

    I am short and stumpy, so people would be impressed by seeing my big strong brothers. I liked that.

  6. Aditi: Hi!Thanks! Now I’ll spend the next three weeks dreaming of your identity and whether you are actually my future boss in commenter form. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. I want to go back to work.

    Abha: o wowie! thanks. coming right over

    In love: Atta kneader role can be dispensed. Get a food-processor, ma. Big brothers eh? OJ was giving away hers, when i last heard…

    Nino’s Mum: lol! and have SO missed ya, when you were away.

    Camille: Lol@ eating in restaurants without balloons! too funny! and the consequence- training is work-in-progress at our home, btw.

    Era: i’ve seen your pic. it really proves my theory that only thin people think they are fat and want to lose weight. the rest of us just continue blithely munching on vadas.

  7. My big sister is fatter than me.
    She made my plaits most of my childhood.
    Made dresses for me at the ripe old age of twelve.
    Read to me when I was little.
    Can still pamper me thoroughly even when she’s staying with me:)
    Is my rock.

  8. dipali: rock on with your sis!

    chumi: milo on you? washing milk off clothes is so NOT funny! what do you do to get back?

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