Mom. what do you need most?


Me time.
To be loved and appreciated
A sanity check.
A nap.
Freedom from guilt
Support from my husband
Adult conversation
girlfriend time.
to get organised
another brain
two more arms
more of me
to know that im normal
to know it’ll all work out
a longer view of life.

— What Every Mom Needs; Elisa Morgan, Carol Kuykendall

(I’m settling for ‘balance’ how bout you guys?)


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  1. I’m tempted to say all of the above, but most needed would be
    to know it’ll all work out
    a longer view of life.


  2. Nino’s Mum: consider Nino’s Dad as poked into action, a la facebook

    Era: only the third point is really achievable in that list

    M:what? you don’t URGENTLY need a nap? am bringing my kids over for a play date then …

  3. In love: laughter? you have that in you, already. am sure. and patience too.
    longer view of life — been reading you for six months or more, and i think you have it.
    so only the last point for you, my friend.

    Preeti: so you join the ranks of being a long term worrier? you are in good company — M and In love, got there before you.

  4. MiM,
    no, my kids are older – so no need of a nap for me..we have reasonably regular nights nowadays 🙂 Sure, come on over!

  5. balance will do for me too! That’s one thing I can’t seem to get right! Haven’t done anything not involving kids in 2.5 years!

  6. M: that explains the ‘come on over’, you dont suffer from lack of sleep

    sole: havent done anything in 3.10 years, either!

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