serial killer (part one)


you know tam-serials have truly found faithful fans in the IL’s …

~ when our landline rings, no one hears it; but they both rush to hunt for the cordless, when the phone is ringing on the TV


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  1. Simple fix: Change your ringtone to the TV serial ringtone. Or buy a louder, more annoying phone.

    Thought I would de-lurk on this auspicious day, so hello!

  2. Meluhhan: i love it when someone says the word “de-lurk”. i just love it.
    must, must clean behind the TV in celebration; earlier, i would have made payasam, but this trimester I’m trying to be obssessive about cleanaholicness

  3. You don’t have to tell me about the power of the tam serial… the IL’s watch via computer every day. It’s like they never left India. Which is good to alleviate some homesickness.

    Um…you mentioned this trimester… is there a little one on the way?

  4. ROFL….I can so imagine that..

    I can’t stand them! My fil is completely glued though and its on 365 days a year in my household! I heard a dialogue recently in Arasi where a guy was saying that MJ was his best friend and MJ would consult with him before he performed any new dance moves!!!!!!!! The same guy says Bush is his best friend too (yeah George Bush)…. do you think the serial director’s have a brain explosion when they direct??? seriously…sorry major rant!

  5. Era: stay er.. tuned to read part two and all the way upto three forty seven of this series…

    sole: brain explosion, i think you are too kind:-)

    chox: yes, there’s good news. and in true serial shytulu, will announce in the post

    Poppy: *frantic wave right back* payasam will be made after all.

  6. WHAT?? Thats why you left the “breed more” comment for me.. you’re expecting? YEAH x google – as Arvind would say:-)

    As for the IL’s, I love them so:-) You should write a modern day Malgudi about them!;-) By part 347, you should have the book tied up, no?

  7. MGM: i just have to say trimester, and you guys all but book me a birthing suite. gawd these mommy bloggers, I tell ya.all estrogen and zero logic.

  8. Can’t blame mommies…anything remotely related to a baby , and estrogen production goes into overdrive:-)

    You meant this trimester of your cleanaholic drive, dintcha?( did i just make a complete fool of myself!!!)????

  9. In love: yes i did mean that, my are the only one reading without your estrogen-tinted glasses

    Era: yep. and it worked!

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