serial effect — part two


well the soaps are getting to me….

guess what? i have my own signature tune. and I say ‘to-be-continued…’ right at the middle of an argument. and i spend most of my time climbing up and down staircases in slow motion


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  1. hahaha:) and have you got to bed in nine yards and tons of jewwllery yet?

    Tell me more about your header pic. I want to know about the pink rotound tummy behind the musicians too.

  2. I think it should be de rigeur to say, ” to be cont.” in the middle of an argument.

    mostly because I think i have early onset Alzheimers and can never remember what i said anyway:-)

  3. It usually takes about 3 episodes to reach the top of the stairs… i could come back tomorrow and you’ll still be at the landing midway?

    Are you also wearing a bright saree from Kumaran Silks and lots of malli poo?

  4. Era: soapie star, you mean.

    richa jn: you must say it and stare unblinkingly for 38 seconds.

    MGM: hey, I have that problem, too.
    I thought i was such a big fan of Lord Emsworth that i was morphing into him.

    preeti: *see i can tell you are nino’s mum’s friend, when you noticed the header*
    that was six nadaswaram vidwans playing “Vathapi…”.
    I haven’t heard live Carnatic music in a long while here in KL. And i have never seen so many nadaswaram vidwans perform in unison. This was at Batu caves, a popular tourist destination hosting South Asia’s tallest Murugan statue.
    ( i didn’t catch the sixth chappie on camera. )

    In love: the one with the malli poo is me alright.
    also i cannot pronounce ‘zha’

    wj: i wear a tiny bindi and my blouse has a back, is the audience confused as hell or what?

  5. That “zha” comes ingrained in genes.
    I used to get cheap thrills making unsuspecting classmates repeat words with ‘zha” in abundance.

    I can’t seem to master the marathi “Zha” though. Beats me everytime!

  6. choxulu: the good news is coming right up…

    In love: either you have the “zha” or you don’t. and how come Tam TV finds so many who don’t.

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