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I didn’t realise the might of hanuman when i was growing up. My superhero was the perfect arjuna. He could shoot arrows with both hands, he was Indian and he had Girlfriends (w.o.w!). And he could dance.

But firstborn is the advertisement for hanuman. If there’s a photo op: then we must wait…

For him to inhale and puff up his mouth with air, in devoted imitation of his idol.
Then he’ll run to fetch Baby Param’s bolster — the mace; and fil’s walking-stick — the tail.
And then he’ll run to bring the lumpiest and heaviest pillow — the sanjeevi mountain, balanced on one hand.

Everything has to be assembled to fb’s satisfaction and his face is nearly blue from getting into character and holding his breath for so long.

And the problem is with the tail. It is pokey and doesn’t fit as neatly as fb would expect. Plus, Grandpa is hollering. He is stuck to the sofa without it. “FIRSTBORRRRRRRN COULD YOU STEP ON IT!!!”

Firstborn is not impressed. It is his tail and he is keeping it in the elastic of his shorts.

And soon, everything is in place: but the one-handed mountain balancing act hides firstborn’s face almost completely.

So, now you know why this is not a photo-blog.


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  1. hahaha 🙂
    but that’s exactly what I want to see pictures – although, MinM, the images your words conjure, sigh, as good as your food descriptions.
    paavam: he’s going to send you to an old age home for doing this to him!

  2. Your words made a better picture than a photo. —though i can’t imagine having a “walking stick ” sticking out of the elastic. It must be longer than the little man himself.

    Does he also kneel on one leg? That is the pose i remember on all hanuman pictures..

    Someday, MimM, someday—Fb is going read this. I want to see pictures of his expression then:-)))

  3. For a while my neice insisted and posing for pictures with the out turned palm of Ganesh. She made for an adorable picture. I’m sure fb is extremely cute in his improvise costume.

  4. 🙂 My nephew does that too! Isn’t it nice that little kids think Hanuman is someone to be emulated, thanks to animated flicks on the monkey God.

  5. How cute…could totally imagine that with your weave of words! how old is fb? Will check out your friend’s blog and check on the similarity!

  6. Rofl.. So cute. My kids watced Luv/Khush and were pretending to be twins.

    So in the serial killer post, were you announcing some good news? What did I miss?

  7. richa: 🙂

    MGM: fb figured it out. now he’s helped himself to my dupatta and his dad’s tie, as tail alternatives.
    Grandpa is relieved.

    Nino’s Mum: must tell you about this moong dal halwa my neighbour cooked.
    twas this swimming pool of ghee, and i plunged in … let me just say, i never want to learn to float.

    In love: you did have a “point”, and after the initial pokes, fb has chosen lighter and more aerodynamic materials:-)
    that pose you mention is reserved for ‘garuda’ imitations — which will fill another post.

    Morpheus: soulmates monkeying around!

    Munchkin’s Mom: sorry, your comments are also eaten up by the spam rakshasa. had to send hanuman to retrieve ’em.

    Era: lord! her parents must have had an elephantine time asking her to pose for photos

    D: Agadam Chagadam certainly helped!

    sole: fb will be four in July. baby param turns one in August.

    sraikh: gawsh! not another estrogen-drunk mommy blogger… No i’m not expecting; my friend is expecting… and no it’s not a baby. it’s a book. her book on ar rahman is out in June.:-)

    dipali: and no photos for posterity

    Neelum: thanks 🙂

  8. hahahaha! so its only because you are too busy laughing that you cant take pictures! 😀

    FB sounds like total fundoo kid!

    and me liked Karna the most! was neva impressed by Arjuna. he became the best because he had a mad gurui! 😉


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