the plat du jour



and my MIL says these things have to be included the menu:

in ONE single day:

TWO kinds of starters,
THREE vegetable curries
FOUR kinds of snack that go crunch
FIVE tumblersful of payasam, stored in an urn, for any houseguest on a binge.
SIX courses — kootu, dal, sambar, rasam, pachadi, and an usili
SEVEN ways of saying “eat some more please”
EIGHT: ways of saying “aiyo!you haven’t had anything at all”
NINE: applams that should be deep fried thirty-three seconds prior to a meal, for that light crispness
number of times MIL said, “howcome we forgot to make moremuzhambu” this time round?


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  1. Sounds so like my mum…the difference I suppose is…I can shush her and say, you are not making so much or need not make it all, people don’t visit us for food…but with the mil it will be an all different story I suppose …no??

  2. Yes, what’s moremuzhambu? All that cooking, it’s no wonder you needed a lifeline, you poor thing. Can’t you just take ’em all out? To eat, I mean.

  3. to paraphrase chumi’s suggestion, make some vadas if you make the right kind ( or outsource them to me, i know how to make perfectly rock solid wadas) and pretend they are your neighbours and throw them at the house guests. … u wont have to worry about the house guests after that

  4. I would be a guest to your place and if I stay at your place am I considered a houseguest?
    would I get all these food too???
    If so i am inviting myself !

  5. Eat to live or live to eat, can feel MIL’s love expressed this to feed! You may soon restart career. Can the husband bear these food costs solely?

  6. dipali: then now is not a good time to tell you that the veggie count increases if houseguest is an offspring…

    richa: am not sure, they may have they serve usili?

    stray gray: there was indeed — but i didn’t want to overload the readers with too much information:-)
    vathals also come under fry 33 sec’s before meal category.

    Blogeswari: or should i be saying govinda govindaaaaaaa!

    MGM: i dunno how you can say super-hungry … i wasn’t even listing the complete menu. hmpf.

    sole aka straygray twin;-): food is as important as the TV serial. need i add more?

    chumi: that’s the south indian version of the north indian ‘kadi’. and hey! i just visited your hometown gal!!

    starry-eyed: the piece de resistance was the bisibelebath! tell that to your diet

    Meluhhan: morekuzhambu is the cousin of the North Indian kadi, made without besan.
    What makes you think we didn’t dine out as well?

    D: my m-i-l’s really way too kind. she did most of the cleaning up… and i must tell you about the twin towers of dirty stainless utensils that she washed up. the utensils were blocking the view. we couldn’t see the hall from the kitchen.

    Nitya: *mortified* we didn’t do that at all. hmmm. i think we are KLified.

    Cyn: then what’ll i have to complain about? i need the houseguests!

    VJ: yes. you would qualify as houseguest. and all this would be on the menu.
    but i am paranoid about blogger’s meets. congratulations on pulling off one so neatly:-)

    Bhu: thanks for the good wishes. must make payasam because you mentioned — ‘restarting career’ — sweetest two words in my book.

  7. maidinmalaysia: Woman, I’m tam, how dare you suggest I don’t know my morekuzhambu! But you typed ‘moremuzhambu’, and I see now that it was a typo. 🙂

  8. please please pretty please can i be your next house guest? i am willing to convert fully to tam-dom or any-dom of your choice.

    and i am so not showing this to any of the million people in my house at the moment. i shamelessly let (actually ‘make’ in place of ‘let’) everyone take over the kitchen and do what they want.

  9. preeti: but truly it was incomplete without the morekuzhambu

    CA: honest. we may have omitted a few snacks that go crunch, on one of the lean days.
    but the rest were there.

    sraikh: and come to think of it, they all only come when my mil is staying with us.

    chumi: sorry for the typo. all that pinang-ing has me wobbling on the keyboard. which part are you from? we stayed at georgetown; took the funicular, checked out the toy museum, chocolatemansion, temple of fine arts mmmmmmmm, ananda bhavan, woodlands…
    reminds of me india, PG.

    Meluhhan: but are you Tam enough? how could you have missed this one.
    i think i zapped the hungry student in you by naming all those dishes.
    *note that i never mentioned how it all tasted.*

    Abha: you clever gal! how did you know its brown bread on non-mil days? how how how?

    choxulu: the mil is the foodie. hers is the place you are cordially invited to.
    *disclosure* I never touched sambar before i got married, because i didn’t like the colour. i was really bizarre

  10. definitely inviting myself to your place for indian sapad when im in kl next, but only after checking if ma in law’s in residence 🙂

    and the next time she mentions morekuzhambu, tell her this story (it’s common enough in my community) you make morekuzhambu and keerai for your guests only when you want to indicate they have outlived their welcome, but are too polite to say it in so many words.
    (i think the logic behind it is this. at first, you go out of your way to make all kinds of yummy sapad for them, and then when you’re fed up and can’t be bothered to make the effort anymore, you pick some keerai from your backyard, and throw in bits of left over veggies into a couple of spoons of curd and dish up the meal.)

  11. Era: the husband eats vadas faster than i can make ’em? is that counted?

    magical summer: like i said — you gimme perspective lady! thanks!

  12. first time here. This is so damn funny ‘coz it could be my mom replacing your mil. Look forward to being back here often 🙂

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