you know you’ve had houseguests for a long stay when…


… firstborn (under a houseguest hangover) is now calling his dad ‘chitappa’


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  1. ur crisp posts have me in splits!
    even though I dont know what “chitappa” means (I’m guessing its uncle or smthg). 🙂

    pl put in a translation for us poor linguistically challenged readers who love ur blog 🙂

  2. dipali: he is comfortable enough. he’s been chitappa longer than he’s been appa.

    chumi: i knew you had a three-year-old in you, somewhere:-)

    nandita: hi! nice blog you have.
    houseguests are gone. waiting for the next lot.

    richa: chitappa wld be chacha, (dad’s younger brother, right?)

    chox: cute? lemme send you an MP3 of him whining

  3. sole: silly wordpress, i tell you.

    magical summer: love your handle. and just stopped by your blog… gives me a very nice sense of perspective on motherhood like 10/15 years down the road. neat!

    chox: this is the CAT-thrasher in you talking right?you trounced that exam didn”t you?

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