serial killer – part 4.


prime time: 9.27 p.m.
husband: dad, do you mind? could i watch television and the financial news for half an hour today.

fil: i dont mind at all. you poor chap. you come so late from work. you hardly watch television at all. i don’t mind. here. take the remote. change the channel. it’s ok. really.

prime time 9.31 p.m.
fil: *holds out hand for remote*
husband: *hides a grin and relinquishes the remote*


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  1. how cute…i could visualize the scene πŸ˜‰ as always!!! (husband watching the news..fil hands behind his back..pacing up and down…waiting to get hold of the remote..9.31 hands start itching for the remote and husband’s face drops in sadness 😦 the excitement of watching TV coudn’t extend beyond 4 minutes..poor man!)

  2. I’ve lived through this one. Fil may change the channel during the commercial and wait too long to change it back to our program. Oh well, at least he made the effort.

  3. sole: that’s exactly how it happenned minus the pacing. fil was making tapping noises on his walking stick

    Stray Gray: lol!

    dipali and richa: A few hundred years ago, a son gave a dozen cows, bars of gold, pieces of silver and property in appreciation to his father…
    today its the remote

    Bhu: hey i’ll gift it to myself!

    MGM: Ma is usually sitting on the remote telling us to go hither and thither and hunt for it…
    What would your amma do?

    Era: if i could only copy+paste some of your patience

  4. LOL! as they say, he/she who yields the remote is the true power centre in the family.

    out here, its usually collecting dust. wonder what that says about this family.

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