31 on 13




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  1. 31? And you thought I sounded young? Hell, am freaking geriatric next to you, babes!

    Hugs and have a blast on your 31st!!!

    And by blast, I mean a gutful of payasam making you want to explode/ lie down:-)

  2. thanks all for the toast! the day began with carrot halwa (a neighbour, again!) and ended with gulab jamun.
    the afternoon lunch’s mmmmmm dessert: a few hundred slivers of semolina in a milky saffron-rich, milkmaid deficient, cashew-rich, raisin-deprived payasam.

  3. How, just how did i miss this one???
    Happy belated birthday…did MIL make the carrot halwa and payasam?

    PS: if the day is anything to go by as an indication of the year to come, you should probably stick to the cleanliness drive.
    The sugar free drive – hah! Joke of the year!

  4. cee kay: i am stopping all celebrations at 31. i am not growing older than this. so yes. you are laaaaaaaaate!

  5. Okay, so I have a plan. I am NEVER going to turn 40. I will go upto 39 (which is this year) and then start going back until I am 20. Then I will start going up again until I am 39 – you get the picture??

    So, going by that, next year you’ll be 30!!!!!!


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