serial killer – 5


playmate L can make origami lotuses from tiny paper squares.

playmate K can drink hot rasam like an adult, and hides and seeks and tells
terrible ghost jokes.

playmate U is swifter than a dart, and can jump on a freshly-made bed and
start the party with a shriek. even if there’s no party.

they all are here.
and where’s firstborn?

he’s trying to win these contests:
~ the boy who stands closest to the TV (so close that grandpa can’t see two of the principal characters)
~ the boy who watches scheming wives, d-uh husbands, treacherous in-laws and whatever else … with his mouth wide open (also a genetic trait passed on by grandpa)

if i could only unprise his nose away from the flat-screen and lead him to
his friends.


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  1. ancient indian wisdom – these traits are always inherited from grandpas and grandmas on the other side of the family. the brains, the good looks, the wit, the charm, the gregariousness, they all come from yours πŸ™‚ have patience, sooner or later, they will surface from hibernation!

  2. Well, this will only last as long the g’parents are here, right?After that he’ll be left making origami lotuses and drinking rasam anyway.

    Let him least he’ll be knowledgeable about the complexities of relationships early on:-)

  3. magicalsummer: you really ARE me, 10 years hence!

    D: *hold on a sec. while i smote my forehead with the remote*

    MGM *smotes forehead harder with remote*

    chox: *shows chox remote shaped hole on aforementioned forehead*, honey you too did this to me

    Abha: yes, lotus maker may be erm koff koff, a tad boring… buthowcome you guessed?!

    In love: he’s getting way too complicated in the bargain

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